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It’s time…

to start procrastinating and planning for courses for next year! =P The course schedule for Winter 2014/2015 is now up!

Anonymous asked: Hi there, I just got accepted to UBC Van (Sciences) a few days ago and accepted my offer today! :D I'm so excited! Do you have any tips of things I should do this summer in preparation for success at UBC and also any tips on course registration? I know it's finals right now, so feel free to take as long as you want to answer me. Also, I'm going to take your advice and only take 4 courses per semester!


I have a bunch of posts with tips on prepping for school and what not, feel free to browse through them and if you have any other questions, let me know!

As for course registrations, you’ll be getting an email sometime in the next month or so with details! I’m also working on a blog post on something to consider when registering for first year courses in Science!

I personally can’t handle 5 courses, but other people can and do in order to get considered for Honours! Honours programs require at least 30 credits a year, which works out to be about 10 courses per year. That’s something to keep in mind if you’re interested in doing research! There are other ways to do research too without having to do 30 credits/year though! 

You’ll learn more about how to select courses in the upcoming months!

If you want to get a head start, I recommend browsing through this section of the Faculty site:

Anonymous asked: In reply to the anon asking about IntSci: the only setback I've encountered is how hireable you are, though it really depends on your integration and what you want to do for a career. My integration is Nutrition and Biopsych so I didn't have the practical lab experience some researchers wanted but I managed to get co-op jobs anyways because I sold my soft skills (communication, teamwork, etc) and interest in my integration. In short, if you're passionate about what you're integrating, go for it!


Anonymous asked: What is ubc is waiting til the end to send out rejections D:

I’ve heard of people not getting accepted into their first choice programs, so I don’t think that’s the case! 


That’s enough lame science jokes for the night, I should get back to studying…


That’s enough lame science jokes for the night, I should get back to studying…

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Anonymous asked: What are some of the disadvantages of choosing Integrated Sciences? I've heard plenty of benefits, but no disadvantages...

Sorry, I can’t really say because I’m not in Integrated Sciences myself and don’t personally know anyone in that program. I guess a potential disadvantage could be that you have to put an effort into designing your own degree instead of just following a pre-set pathway. 

Anonymous asked: For the previous anon, I didn't get my acceptance until May! They actually rejected my first choice (arts) and accepted me into science though. Don't worry about it (:


Anonymous asked: I'm like 90% sure I didn't get into UBC because my application status says they're still reviewing my application, but it's already mid-April. Do you know when they might give me a final decision?

If you’ve been rejected, they will flat out tell you, if it says they’re still reviewing, it means they’re still reviewing. 

I don’t know when you will know, UBC’s been rather slow lately, you should go ask them on their twitter account, @youbc.

Anonymous asked: are you or your friends involved with Greek life and how do they like it? :) I'm excited to rush!

Nah, we’re all nerds and only like to eat and sleep ;)

I know someone who can help answer your questions about Greek life though! 


Someone wrote a 2 minute parody of “Let it Go”, specifically for us going into finals ;P

(Note, it’s rather explicit).